Monday, June 27, 2005


Subject: Prior is very good

text of post: Prior is very good.

end post.

That is all I have to say regarding the Cubs and Prior, as his Majesty has left me quite speechless. How do you get hit on the elbow with a 100+ mph line drive and come back 4 weeks later to throw a 1 hitter?. The answer is: you don't...unless you are Mark Prior, pitching god.

For a little perspective on how much pain Prior had to be in, take a look over at the Cubdom for a discussion on getting hit with a 94 mph fastball and how much it would hurt. Okay, go read it.


Back now? Okay, now consider that this line drive was probably going much faster than 94 mph. And it hit him on the elbow. Honestly, his career should be over. So, in honor of his being very good, I have composed this poem:

Oh, Mark Prior
you are so very good.
I like when you pitch for the Cubs.
watch out for line drives
in the future

I'm still working on finding my poetic voice, but I like the shape it made. Very pretty.

For some cartoony fun, take a look at's Daily Changey Thing and then come back here for some of the resources necessary to understand it (or at least I found them necessary. If you know Crime and Punishment, you probably only need the first sentence of the first link. If you are much smarter than me, you probably need neither and are shaking your head at my stupidity right now. Well, good for you...ass).

Gregor Mendel

it's shaped like a flying saucer. is mark prior an alien? that would explain a lot.
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