Sunday, June 12, 2005


Super quick post

Apparently the Cubs like what Boston has to offer. I guess at this point there's no real reason to finish Boston's preview. Suffice to say, regarding their pitching, we like what we are seeing. Today the Cubs are going to be facing Wakefield. The best situation would be to have the wind blowing in...knucklers like the wind in their faces. Has anyone checked the flags recently?

In another note, I'm going to go ahead and withdrawl my criticism of Dusty. While I think he is a poor in-game manager, his ability to work the clubhouse mojo seems as solid as his reputation would suggest. Early in the season while the Cubs were losing, it was easy to criticize Dusty. And I did. Most of us did. But I think that was mostly born out of frustration (and a few too many appearances by Macias). As this recent 20-9 surge has shown, he has done a good job of keeping the team from flying apart with all the injuries. All teams are going to had is how you deal with them that is telling. And the Cubs have been great in the face of adversity.

So I officially withdrawl my non-support for Dusty.

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