Monday, June 06, 2005


Wild times

The Cubs are exploding all over the place, but that's a good thing.

I can't quite believe that the Cubs managed to go 6-1 on this last West coast swing as all my memories of California cruisin' involove just wishing the Cubs would come back home. That is partially true this time as I want to catch up on my sleep, but I totally enjoyed that trip.

And now the Cubs are in the Wild Card lead. Everywhere I read/hear, people claim that they don't even want to speak of such things as the Wild Card. It's too early. Division or nothing, baby! Well, as far as I'm concerned, screw that. I want the Cubs to be in first in something (other than men left on base) - all that matters is making the playoffs, it does't matter how it happens.

So I'm happy. I've long ago given up Neifi!-bashing, and I'm continuing my Derrek worship. Zambrano just keeps getting better and Rusch is stunning. And all this without Prior. I'm all a titter. You can tell because my sentences keep getting shorter and shorter.

Over at Goatriders, there are a couple nice articles. Death checks in regarding how the Cubs have faired in light of all they have faced, and I worked up a 1/3 season review of the Cubs' offense. Check it out, I kept my use of numbers to a fairly non-obscure subset of stats (no research should be required to read this).

Game time 1:20. Go Cubs!

i thought zambrano didn't look all that great. he did seem to get better at keeping his cool, tho. he didn't feel the need to plunk anyone after walking the first 3 batters he faced, at any rate...
You scared me.
Game time 7:05, not 1:20.
Weird. I thought it was 7:05 and then ESPN said 1:20. Stupid ESPN.
kjk - When I read your comment, I had to go back and figure out what I said. I guess when I say "better & better" I'm mostly talking about how he has dominated in his last four or so starts. The results are what I was looking at.
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