Tuesday, July 26, 2005


All that's left will be Pig Latin

Mel Gibson is being his wacky self again. You may remember a movie of his a year or so ago about a guy who lived a couple thousand years ago (I'd say the name "Jesus," but I'm afraid my google ads will pick up on it. Wait, what? Dammit!). This movie was in Aramaic, Latin, and Hebrew - three languages you will rarely hear outside of New York these days.

So what's next for Mel? What can he do for an encore? Well, Hollywood has been crying out for a movie made entirely in Mayan, and Gibson is delivering. His new movie, Apocalypto, will be spoken entirely in Mayan and be set 500 years in the past.

The Mayan's were a pretty awesome people before the European's crashed onto their coast. They did, after all, invent the number zero. Without their forward thinking, Coke would have been forced to stop at "Coke One," and since Pepsi got there first, Coke would surely go out of business. Scientists would be striving to approach "Absolute One" and the expression "From zero to hero" would be meaningless. So don't forget to thank the Mayans for that useful number.

The Mayans were also excellent astronomers and whipped up a nifty little calendar, the first people to do so. It is believed by some that the Mayan's ancestors came over across the Bering Strait almost 20,000 years ago. I don't see that being mentioned by Gibson, however, as that would be about 15,000 years before the creation of the earth which is, well, just awkward.

Here's a nifty little history of the Mayans. They were an interesting people.

"Esethay arent-ay uhthay oidsdray ouryay ookinglay orfay."

"Esethay arent-ay uhthay oidsdray ereway ookinglay orfay..."
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