Saturday, July 30, 2005


Just a couple days left

Usually the trade deadline is my Christmas and birthday all rolled into one. I love transactions and I get really excited trying to figure out whom the Cubs might get (or give). It's the most magical time of the year (and don't let Hallmark try and tell you different).

But this year all the speculation has been lame. The guys I want (Dunn, Kearns) are supposedly not really available and the guys I don't want (Soriano) are sounding far too available. Now, mind you, I have oodles of faith in Hendry (after all, he didn't get Preston Wilson)- I just have less faith in this year's market. But, if my memory serves, it seems that Nomar came out of nowhere last year, which would be very much like Dunn this year. I just sort of feel the asking price for any Cincy outfielder is going to be a tad too high to tittilate Hendry's trade-buds.

But that is what is so fun about this year: speculation and hope.

Go Hendry.

Go Cubs.

Go make a trade.

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