Sunday, July 31, 2005


Mr Hendry...

Approval: granted.

In the midst of the worst trade deadline in recent history (meaning, as far as I can remember), Hendry managed to pull off a deadline deal that should help for this season. He managed to plug one of the team's greatest weakness and this entry didn't have to involve the words "Soriano for Walker" (which, incidentally, would have also involved the words "manslaughter").

The Cubs needed a leadoff hitter and the Cubs got a leadoff hitter. The Cubs needed a lefty leftfielder and Cubs got a lefty leftfielder.

What's that you say, the Cubs had a lefty leftfielder? And they just traded him away?

Well, it doesn't matter that Gerut is possibly a better player than Lawton and certainly is better dollar for dollar. It doesn't matter because Gerut was blocked by Hollandsworth. Feel free to roll the illogic of that statement around in your mouth for awhile, but even if it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, it is true. Gerut was never going to get a chance in Wrigley.

Lawton is certainly overpaid and has some flaws in his game, but he is an established starter and brings with him whole buckets of veteran savvy that he should have no trouble slathering all over the Cubs. Dusty will love him and will almost certainly stick him in the leadoff position.

Thank God.

I don't really understand how the lineup is going to stack up. I know Lawton will leadoff, but will he play left? Probably, but then who plays center? Hairston? Sure, maybe, but then were does he end up in the lineup?

If it was up to me, this is the best I can come up with without consulting an spirits of ballplayers past:

Lawton LF
Hairston CF
DLee 1B
Ramirez 3B
Burnitz RF
Walker 2B
Barrett C
Neifi SS

as for Dusty? I have no idea, but I'm usre you can swap Ramirez and Burnitz as well as Barrett and Neifi...the rest is probably the same.

All in all, given the circumstances this season, this was a good trade. I'm just excited to have another player in the lineup willing to take a walk.

And once Nomar makes it back, the lineup is really going to start to look decent.

Go Cubs!

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