Monday, July 18, 2005


My ego is *this big*

(spreads hands out wide)

(very wide)

(little bit more)

So, as some of you may have heard, there is a new Harry Potter book out. I have a copy of said book (thanks to my brother. Thanks brother!1). What does this have to do with my blog? Well, you see, the thing is, when you find an entry on this site that is both interesting and enlightening2 it is the result of a long process of polishing and refining (a process that often takes upwards of 10 minutes). There is the first draft that I hand-write on the train, the insertion of humor while digitizing the entry, and finally the proofreading.

Some of you might wonder why I'm telling you this and how this relates to Harry Potter. Some of you might already have left this site to read something more interesting (I really don't blame you).

For those of you who have stuck around this far, the point is that I will have to spend my time on the train reading Harry Potter rather than writing. Have to, you say? Yes, have to. You see, I started reading the fifth book recently because I couldn't remember it very well and I hoped to finish it before the 6th book can out. At the same time I started reading the 5th, the Wife started reading the 4th. She would then read the 5th while I read the 6th, and there would be no fights over the book (got all that?). Of course, the only problem is that she has finished the 4th book and we own the 6th, but I still have 200 pages to go in the 5th (it's very long). This leads me to the inevitable conclusion that if I don't want a divorce, I'd better get crackin' (ha ha, just kidding. heh heh. heh. *uncomforable silence*).

So I would expect many short entries this week that, while timely and accurate, are less than fullfilling. But, on the bright side, this gives you all (especially the relatively new readers) a chance to catch up on all the classic Grace and Wayne. So, as a temporary measure, I have posted links to some of the "best of" Grace and Wayne. They are in reverse chronological order, so the ones at the bottom are oldest. Certainly all very exciting stuff and sure to entertain. In due time there will be a link to the Fermiball entries as well.

Still check in though, as I will be posting every day. And probably several times a day.

1. I mean that in the "blood relative" way, not the black way. Wait, no, I can say that. I was paraphrasing Zoolander. Don't take away my Liberal membership card!

2. Any day now, I promise

Did someone learn the code for superscript characters?

(This is not me being a smartass, I'm actually kinda jealous.)
yeah, it's really pretty easy. just do:


with the usual bracketty substitutions
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