Monday, July 18, 2005


My new favorite quote

From the mouth of Dusty:

"Leading off is about getting on base,'' Baker said. "You want your on-base percentage at about .350 or better, and you hope he has speed and can get some stolen bases and put pressure on the opposing pitcher. And you'd like him to drive in some runs -- 50 to 60 in our league is good. You want him to score runs first and occasionally drive in some big runs.''

Yeah, no kidding. So, you know, do you think it was maybe a bad idea to bat Corey leadoff?


"What you want is a guy with an on-base percentage of about .600, takes a lot of walks, is able to foul off a lot of pitches so the team can get a look at everything the pitcher has, has good baserunning speed, a great first move when stealing, a good eye for reading pitchers' deliveries, power to all fields, the ability to lay down a bunt for a hit, and the ability to drive in 100+ runs. Oh, he should also be a gold-glove fielder, preferably at a position up the middle of the field. It is a plus if he is fluent in several languages and can program in COBAL. Also, the ability to fly is a bonus, and and magical powers are appreciated."
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