Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Notes while hoping the Cubs game is cancelled

Tropical Storm Dennis nears Hurricane Strength related news, I myself am nearing hurricane strength.

in other news...

Activists seek to curb bird deaths at wind farm

First of all, "Wind Farm?" We seriously farm wind in this country? I mean, not to be glib, but is wind really something you have to work to harvest? Because, if they are having trouble, there's plenty coming off Lake Michigan that I could do without.

Seriously, though, those bird activists need to shut the hell up. I'm sorry that birds aren't smart enough to not run into moving blades, but maybe we shouldn't attack the one industry that's producing clean energy. Just a thought. Activism is all great and lovely, but take a look over at the coal and oil plants - you know, the ones with black smoke billowing from their stacks. Those might be a cause for concern also.

Let me think for a minute. Think...think...think. If the environment is ruined by unclean energy sources...that might negatively affect the birds too! Hey, I made the connection. Let's see if these activists can make the same one.


Also threatened by Windmills, but because he has to duck

I have a pretty good understanding of Bigfoot, having seen most all of the Harry and the Hendersons episodes, but I still found this enlightening. BigFoots (BigFeet?) like Dr. Pepper, it seems. I wonder if they like Diet Dr. Pepper. It tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper, you know.

I've always found that to be a very misleading commerical. "Diet Dr. Pepper tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper." Than what? Pepsi? Kool-Aid? Battery Fluid?

I hate these undefined statements.

And finally...

Current Marathon Training Status: Growing Dark. Dark and Ominous

Things had been going pretty well. Sunday's run was really hard (at one point I would have loved to quit) but I finished and all was well. But then on Monday the Wife fell off of her bike and twisted her ankle a bit. So today she gets to see if she can run on it. Very scary stuff...stay tuned.

love the drawing Jason....made me giggle....

and seriously do you think Diet Battery FLuid is as tasty as regular Battery Fluid...i wonder?
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