Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Okay, I have a question

It has nothing to do with baseball and it isn't really particularily funny - so I guess it's like 50% of my blog in that respect - but I'd still like an answer.

What compels people to shame others?

Last Wednesday the Wife and I swung down to the Taste of Chicago on our way home from work for a little, um, taste of Chicago. So, at the corner of Jackson and Michigan (the name of my next blog, btw), there are two places one can cross - only one of which has a cross walk. Are you with me so far? Okay. Of course the Wife and I - and a couple others - crossed at the bad place. Why is it the bad place? Well, you see, cars are turning left and so one has to wait for them to pass before crossing the entirety of the street. You say it doesn't sound bad? Oh, ho ho, you couldn't be more wrong and I know this thanks to a kind lady who was nice enough to offer her opinion on the matter.

So anyway, we were crossing the street and we stopped in the middle to allow the left-turners to pass when one of those cars piped up (well, the driver actually, not the car) and shouted in her shrill little voice: "You stupid people, that's not a crosswalk! You're supposed to cross on the other side!"

Okay, now, I'd be lying if I said that didn't sting. Right down to my very core. (*tear rolls down cheek*) This complete stranger had just gone out of her way to call me stupid...for jay-walking. And I really didn't know how to respond, I was so stunned (okay, that's a lie, I actually responded with some combination of "bite me" and "shut the fuck up", but I was stunned nonetheless).

And just to be clear, in no way did I cause her to slow down, change her course, or swerve and hit a kitten. So why did she go out of her way to lay down such a healthy dose of shame upon my soul? What purpose did that serve? Are we so devoid of common curtesy anymore that it has become okay to shout insults out the window at strangers? For jay-walking?!? This was a verbal drive-by.

I'm sure you will be relieved to know that we all made it across the street safely, and the car-bound lady managed to complete her turn without further incident, despite my stupidity. But her insult still lingers to this day (I'm guessing it will wear off by Friday, just in time for the weekend).

So listen well, my friends, for this is my public service to you:

"There's no hope, with dope!"

no, wait, that's not it. How about:

"If you walk, drivers will talk!"

It's a "The More you Know" just waiting to happen.

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