Monday, July 18, 2005


State of the Cub

The current state of the Cub appears to be: good.

They were heading towards "lovely" before the loss against the Duke on Saturday, a game I had the good fortune to miss half of. However, I will settle for "good" heading into a quasi-important series against Cincy. It is only quasi-important because, come on, it's Cincinati Cinncinati Cinnncinnattiii not St. Louis. However, the Cubs need to be able to beat up on the craptastic teams. That is what good teams do; they win against not-good teams. Of which Cincy is one. Of which.

I'm babbling. Badly.

The point is, the Cubs had really better take 3 out of 4. Cincy has terrible pitching and terrible Karma, so in theory the Cubs should win the majority of these games. But they don't play the games in theory, they play them in Cincinnati. Land of the Free and home of the Reds.

Today's matchup? Jerome Williams goes up against Brandon Claussen. Game time, 6:10 CT.

Go Cubs.

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