Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Things will never be the same

I realized this when I read that Tiffani Thiessen has wed.

It isn't the "wed" part that bothers me, it is that Tiffani part. What ever happened to Tiffani-Amber? The Tiffani-Amber who chose to skip the prom because her dad lost his job. Tiffani-Amber the cheerleader and prom queen. The happy Tiffani-Amber. Now we are left with Tiffani Thiessen - professional vixen.

Where has the time gone. Now she is just another Tiffani. Just another Tiffani with an "i".

Anyone know what Lark Vorhees is up to these days?

Some women, however, still have character. Take Scarlett Johansson, for example. She nearly refused to do a love scene in The Island, this year's summer blockbuster, because she was required to keep her clothes on. Nude? sure. Bra? Well, a lady has her limits.

Let me just say I admire her convictions, although the director won out. It is PG-13, after all.

And finally, we have the almost-women. A transgender woman's death was linked to a silicone-injection party she attended on June 19th. It turns out, some of the silicone they use is industrial grade, like sealant. I can definitely see how that might have some negative consequences.

Ladies, when you want to smooth out your skin, steer away from industrial-grade silicone. All you need is Dove Firming. I've seen the commericals, and they are dramatic.

Thus ends ladies night at the Corner of Grace and Wayne. Tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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