Thursday, July 21, 2005


What do you know?

I'm getting pretty damn good at this prediction thing. And what's more, in my secret heart of hearts, I thought that the Reds would end up with 9 runs and the Cubs might score one more. I ended up being right on both accounts, although I obviously can't prove this.

I'm going to try an experiment and predict good things for the Cubs during this next series at St. Louis (assuming I remember to do this). In the first half, whenever I did this, the Cubs would do the exact opposite of my prediction. This was obviously because I was jinxing them. But it is possible that the winds of change are blowing, the universe has shifted, and...some other stuff.

I figure, the Cubs are probably doomed against the Cardinals anyway, so it can't hurt to try. Maybe a little "power of positive thought" will swing things the Cubs' way.

In related news, Livan Hernandez is apparently thinking of quiting. This season. Next week acutally. He is, of course, the ace of the Nationals staff and were he to to this, it would greatly help the Cubs.

Whether he quits or not, I fully expect the Nationals to tank in the second half. I expect the Phillies and Astros will be the Cubs' most difficult competition, and by that I really just mean the Astros. I still fully expect the Cubs to win the Wild Card.

After all, if I don't have optimism, what do I have?

pessimism, I suppose. Or maybe just neutralism...

all things being equal, I prefer optimism...

okay, I'm going now.

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