Friday, July 29, 2005


Why I like running

I'm getting a little tired of running these days. I've been on a strict running schedule for 8 months now with 2 more to go before the marathon and I'm starting to get a little drained. So I thought that I might go ahead and remind myself why running is good.

You see, the thing I like about running is that it is easy. Easy and cheap. The only equipment to buy is a good pair of running shoes. With all these other sports, there is so much gear to buy. Take cycling, for example. I like to ride my bike, but a good bike is expensive and there is *so much gear* available for purchase. And I want it all.

And also, with the so called "ball sports" (no giggling!) there is all this coordination required. I mean, really. First, I need to watch the ball, then get my body in position to strike the ball, and then strike the ball, placing it in the proper place (this would be for softball and volleyball). This is all very difficult. You've got the hand and the eye and somehow the two are supposed to coordinate. Running? Running is the easiest "sport" there is. You just run forward and don't stop. That is the entire sum of distance running. Don't stop. That's it.

Running of course has many side benefits. I can eat whatever I want and I never gain an ounce. I have endless energy and feel good about myself.

But really it is just good because it is something I can do.

Even with the coordination of a physicist.

So if I ever ask again why I'm torturing myself with all this running, just remind me that if it wasn't for running my entire athletic career would simply consist of sucking at many different sports.

And although I still haven't linked it, take a look at the Grace and Wayne running journal over at and you can follow our progress.

Oh...Go Cubs.

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