Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Classic Grace and Wayne: April 4th, 1994

Note: Jason is on vacation this week, so for that time we will be replaying "Classic Grace and Wayne," some of the more popular entries from years past. Jason will return on August 22nd with new content. This post originally appeared on "From the Corner of Grace and Wayne" on April 4th, 1994

I'm hoping this entry gets through as AOL has thrown me off three times before I could even get to this site to post. Hopefully I can finish typing before I get some sort of stupid network error. I wish we had CompuServ.

Anyway, I had to brave AOL to comment on Tuffy Rhodes. In theory, he is the Cubs' leadoff hitter, but maybe he should be the cleanup hitter. Three homers today! 3! homers! today!

I'm very impressed.

I hadn't really heard of Tuffy before the season, but in Spring Training they started talking this guy up as a possible solution to center and leadoff - and I can't say I'm disappointed. Last year was a good year despite the Cubs just missing the playoffs. I think, though, that this year could be better. Why?
Mark Grace just keeps getting better and Sosa had a breakout year last year. The only impact player not back from last year is Greg Hibbard.

Things are looking up for the Cubs. Let's get them tomorrow!

Go Cubs!

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