Friday, August 19, 2005


Classic Grace and Wayne: August 8th, 1708

Note: Jason is on vacation this week, so for that time we will be replaying "Classic Grace and Wayne," some of the more popular entries from years past. Jason will return on August 22nd with new content. This post originally appeared on "From the Corner of Grace and Wayne" on August 8th, 1708

Arrrr from aboard th' Devil`s Cruelty. This be me second entry from th' high seas as I`ve been findin' 't hard t' get wireless ou' here.

Last night we boarded a merchant vessel, stole all the'r goods, an' burned th' ship. 't be a long night, but 't be nice t' get some exercise.

't made me think: Why canna our GM do th' same? We be havin' many holes in our lineup an' none o' them ben fixed. He`s jus' sittin' on his arse an' waitin'. A gentleman o' fortune nerewaits an' neither ought a GM. Go ou' an' pilage! Capture th' other team`s players an' burn the'r stadium t' th' poop deck! Enough waitin', we`ve waited long enough. I want a victory.

This be why th' Cubs nerewin. They dasn't think like a Gentleman o' fortune.

Lily livered Cubs

Hilarity ensues.
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