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Classic Grace and Wayne: May 6th, 1998

Note: Jason is on vacation for the next 10 days, so for that time we will be replaying "Classic Grace and Wayne," some of the more popular entries from years past. Jason will return on August 22nd with new content. This post originally appeared on "From the Corner of Grace and Wayne" on May 6th, 1998

So I came home from class today and what do I find? Kerry Wood on the television and the Cubs winning. Good times. Good times.

A few observations from the game: Kerry Wood has the best breaking pitch I've ever seen. Ever. Everevereverever. I swear to god I just saw Vlad Guerrero swing at a pitch 4 feet outside. I mean, it is Vlad, but still...wicked. So far Wood has 10 strikeouts and is on pace for something like 22 strikeouts, which would obviously be a record. God, he has nasty stuff.

While I watch the game, let me ponder a bit on the future of the Cubs. First off, Kerry Wood is the future of the Cubs. Hands down. Of course, he is a pitcher, so there is always the possibility of an injury, but I really just don't see it happening. This kid is built like a horse. If they don't ride him too hard, he should be fine. And with stuff like his, we will be looking at multiple Cy-Youngs.

Aaaaand we're up to 14 strikeouts...I'm getting a little excited, I have to admit. It is like getting a glimpse at future pennants.

I'm also excited about a couple of other future All-Stars on the Cubs. Kevin Orie is off to a rough start so far this season, but if the Cubs ride it out, I think he will recover and finish the season strong. I see a future Raffie Palmerio in Kevin Orie. Or maybe Ryne Sandberg would be a better comp. Orie only has doubles power now, but I think it is only a matter of time before he learns to pull the ball and starts to build a great career. He is already a plus defender. The other future All-Star, I think, is Terry Adams. He has really decent stuff and I think he has a chance to be the Cubs' closer for a long time after Rod Beck's time is done with the Cubs (side note: Rod Beck rules). Other than those two, the minors are stacked with young pitchers - Todd Noel and Jon Garland to name a couple. You can never have enough young pitcher who throw in the mid 90s. The future is looking bright, my friends. Oh yes, it is.

17 strikeouts and now...18! Unbelievable! Absolutely unbelievable. I love Terry Mullholland, but it was totally worth bumping him from the rotation for this kid.

Before I forget, let me just say: nice job by Shane Reynolds. I think his great outing really helped to keep Wood focused.

Oh, and again, before I forget: Wood should totally have a perfect game going. Orie made a weak, weak attempt at that roller in the hole. Had it been the 8th inning, I bet he would have gotten there - or they would have ruled it an error. But, so it goes, I guess.

Astros are back up...and there's 19!!!!!!

Oh Lord, this kid is good. And he's only 20? Why do I think I'll have accomplished a bit less when I hit 20? Well, I guess one of these days I'll have a college degree and what will he have? Millions of dollars, gorgeous women hanging all over him, and the beginnings of a HOF resume...piffle, I say. piffle.

There's 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I just peed my pants.

Come on Kerry, you've got one more to go. Comeoncomeonecomeoncomeon...

GAH! Ground out to short. That was weak. Biggio should have struck out just to let Wood get the record. God I hate Biggio. grrr...I've never been annoyed by a groundout before.

Oh well, I'm pretty sure that counts at the greatest game I've ever seen.

I'll have more on this game tomorrow when I've had time to stop freaking out.




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