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Classic Grace and Wayne: November 1st, 2003

Note: Jason is on vacation this week, so for that time we will be replaying "Classic Grace and Wayne," some of the more popular entries from years past. Jason will return on August 22nd with new content. This post originally appeared on "From the Corner of Grace and Wayne" on November 1st, 2003

To my readers:

Sorry I haven't posted in the last couple of weeks. Honestly, I've spent my time trying to pretend that baseball doesn't exist. I didn't watch the World Series, I didn't read any baseball sites...nothing.

First off, I don't blame Bartman. I think he made a huge mistake, but he isn't the reason we lost. Honestly, I think Gonzalez should bear the brunt of the blame. If he turns that DP the inning is over and we move on. Secondly, I would blame Dusty for doing nothing to change the pace of the game after the two incidents to try and get Prior's head on straight. It was one of the worst non-moves in recent memory (worse that the Grady incident) and I find it basically unforgivable. Bartman I can forgive...these two are supposed to be pros.

And then game 7. I don't even know why I'm writing about it...I should just let it die. I truly thought the Cubs had a great chance with Wood going after he had been lights out in the postseason. I guess he was just tired or something. Or the Marlins just wanted it more, I don't know. But I do know that watching the Marlins pile on top of each other, stealing the celebration that should have belonged to the Cubs - it was too much. Yes, I cried. Call me a big girl if you want, but I personally blame the 85 or so Old Styles I downed that night. Believe me, I'm not usually that emotional.

Then an old Cubs' fan came over an bought the Girlfriend and me a shot and we reminiced about the 84 Cubs and we all sang the Jody Davis song. Not good times, but as far as wakes go, I suppose it was better than most.

Now that I'm talking about baseball again, I guess it is time to look at next year. There is reason for hope, I suppose, with all of our pitchers coming back. Could next year be a breakout year for Wood? I hope so. I do think Prior will win his first Cy Young next year.

I don't know what next year will bring, but I think it will be good things. And I'll tell you this: I don't want a 89 win season next year. I want to come out with all guns firing, jump out to a 10 game lead, and cruise to a 100 win season. I'm sick of being mediocre. I want to win now.

I don't believe in curses.

Let's get our World Series...I'm waiting until next year...the year.

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