Friday, August 12, 2005


Classic Grace and Wayne: September 25th, 1992

Note: Jason is on vacation this week, so for that time we will be replaying "Classic Grace and Wayne," some of the more popular entries from years past. Jason will return on August 23rd with new content. This post originally appeared on "From the Corner of Grace and Wayne" on September 25th, 1992

The Dominican? Oh no, my friends, Chicago's the cradle of shortstops. Apparently the Cubs grow shortstops down on the farm...I'm envisioning trees. Trees with little people hanging from them, attempting to ripen in the Iowa sun.

First Shawon Dunston started for the Cubs. I really thought he was going to be an All-Star this year. He was having an amazing defensive season, diving for balls and not making very many errors. Plus he was hitting over .300 for the season. But then his back gave. Man that was frustrating.

...but then guess what? Jose Vizcaino came in and he's awesome. Maybe he is best when he can play every position, but I still like him at short. That is, until he started to slump and the Cubs brought up Sanchez.

Rey Sanchez is awesome. He can field like nobody I've ever seen. And although he started off going the other way, he began pulling the ball recently and hit a couple homers. I think that he might only hit a few homers now, but so did Sandberg originally and I think Sanchez might have good power eventually.

But, of course, Sanchez got hurt. However, the best one of all of them came up in Alex Arias. Alex was hitting almost .400 for alot of the rest of the season and is still hitting over .300. If Dunston can't come back next year, I think Arias should be the starter. He is really awesome.

I think next year could be a really good year for us. We've got two of the best catchers in the majors, Wilkins and Girardi, as well as an awesome infield and a great pitching staff. If the Cubs resign Maddux, we will have Maddux and Morgan (M&M brothers) again next year. And Frank Castillo, my favorite pitcher, should be really good.

I can't wait 'till next year. The Cubs are going to be great.

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