Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Is it bad when you are rooting against your team?

I was. I was rooting for the Cubs to get shut out going into the 9th.

I figured after 8 innings of complete garbage, they deserved a shutout.

So is it bad?

I think so.

It's really stunning, how badly they're playing.
And how they can't seem to do ANYTHING about it.
Except for, you know, getting six consecutive hits in the 9th inning, when it was far too little, far too late.
Looks like I picked a bad year to become a Cubs fan.
you picked a typical year to become a cubs fan!
How is the fire Dusty drive going? We have a pitching staff to die for, Nomar (when healthy), the guy leading league in HR and BA (last I heard), one of the fastest guys in the league...of course that league is AAA (Patterson) and we can't even play .500 ball! Fire Dusty!
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