Friday, August 26, 2005


Just a link

Nothing more for today. I just wanted to point everyone towards a great three part piece. Funny, funny stuff.

Still Life with Fish, Part I
Still Life with Fish, Part II
The Tragic tale of Crab Icarus

An excerpt:

I got a fishtank in my early twenties, because I needed to throw fistfulls of money at something and I hadn't really discovered bars yet. A fishtank is like a vending machine from hell--you feed dollar bills in at one end and a few seconds later a dead fish drops down out of the slot. "This can't be right," you say to yourself, scratching your head. More dollars. More dead fish. Maybe a sawbuck? A slightly bigger dead fish. And you just keep feeding in the money. "I know there's a Zagnut bar in there somewhere," you are thinking, as stone cold fish corpses start stacking up at your feet like cordwood.

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