Saturday, August 27, 2005


Lee Smith

Somebody needs to sign this guy to a contract.

No, not as a pitcher (although...we could do worse), but as a broadcaster. I was listening to Pat and Ron on the way back to Chicago and they were doing their usual per-sing interview with Smith. I've got to say, the man has a beautiful voice and he didn't say anything especially stupid.

Sounds like a recipe for success to me.

If Joe Carter and Rick Sutcliff (not to mention Joe Morgan, Tim McCarver, ...) are permitted in the booth, then that shows the job is certianly not about posessing the ability to form coherent thoughts. I'm not sure exactly was it is about, but a pretty voice has to be as good a reason as any.

And great job with the singing, too, Lee.

No fair dissing the Red Baron.
How about Lee Smith sings his fave Barry White tunes?
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