Friday, August 05, 2005


The moves, they are a makin'

Alright, here's the rundown.

Remlinger DFA'd
Mitre sent down
Hairston to the DL

Hairston apparently has hurt his shoulder pretty badly. So, then, what does this mean for tonight's lineup?

Will Macias be our new CF? No, I can't believe that. Actually, I simply refuse to believe that.

I'm guessing the lineup will sport an OF of Lawton, Burnitz, and Hollandsworth with Baker doing a nifty little dance of joy at being "forced" to re-insert Holly in the lineup. This lineup is get the perfect balance of bad defense and bad offense. Now that's I've mentioned two possible OF scenarios, I can't wait to see what Baker actually does (Neifi in Center?).

What would I do? Lawton, Burnitz, and Murton would work.

Cedeno lives to earn a Major League paycheck for another day.

And the world keeps on turning. But let me just ask this: What is the conservation law that requires the Cubs to always have someone injured. Who it have been so bad to simply have Nomar, Williamson, and Wood come of theDL without replacing them with someone else?

Remlinger was really DFA?
On the plus side (for him), he can jump right to the seniors league . . .
Really, the Cubs have had their DL fill for the year.

And some of next.
oops, anyways...

Nah, they're not done with the DL yet.

When are they going to DFA Macias?
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