Thursday, August 04, 2005


Mr. Barrett?

Dear Micheal,

Time to stop losing games singlehandedly

Nobody likes to wear the goat head.

Mr Barrett...a suggestion. Fish will make you smarter. Brain food, you know. Something about Omega 3. Eat up.

Cubs' record: 1-1 A.L.

Today Prior goes to the hill for the Cubs in an attempt to get a series win. I am going with "cautiously optimistic". I think Prior will be fine, I'm just concerned that the Cubs won't score enough runs to snag a win.

Nomar's Return

Apparently he will be a starter, which is a big relief as it was apparently not a foregone conclusion. He will start Friday, rest Saturday, and then start Sunday. I can already tell that there is going to be an uproar over Neifi's Saturday start, but I think that is wrong. Nomar should be treated with kid gloves for a few weeks. Saturday will be a day game after a night game and, from what softball has taught me, you are going to be a little tight/sore the morning after playing a full game (unless it is just incredibly pathetic that softball makes me more sore than running...nah, I rule).

Wood's Return

The headline? Wood as closer? No one's saying no. Well, they may not say "no", but they should think it. Dempster has been excellent as closer. The problem is in the setup department. Wood will probably pitch every other game or so in the 7th and 8th inning, and that makes sense. Use him too much and you are risking a blown shoulder. And, as closer, Dusty would be pressured to throw him too often. Remember our good friend Chad Fox? No need for a repeat.

Williamson's Return

Setup man number two. Our bullpen just became a lot better. It's a cliche, but this is just like a midseason trade.

This will all happen tomorrow in New York. Hopefully this will give the team a boost and we will sweep the New Yorkers. Do it for Santo! Do it for me!

Go Cubs!

Prior [insert does not equal sign] Fine.
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