Tuesday, August 30, 2005


So foolish

I'm so cute when I'm being stupid.

Over at Goatriders, I foolishly suggested that Dusty was now forced to play Murton with the trade of Hollandsworth.

I'm so silly.

I'd forgotten all about Corey and Hairston! You see, Dusty just wants to win, and he's going to win with his proven veterans. You know, the one who's proven that he can hit a solid .230 and strike out every other at bat (I talking about Corey, in case that wasn't clear).

It seems, though, that there is a bit of confusion:

In the Suntimes we get:

"Murton's a guy we want to look at,'' Hendry said. "He did a commendable job when he was here.''

But in the Trib, Baker disagrees:

"Depends on how [much time] I can get Corey [Patterson] and [Jerry] Hairston—he's playing pretty good," Baker said. "You've still got to win games too.

"If you haven't noticed, I play everybody on my team. I always have. So it's not going to be any different. They're going to get at-bats big-time. You guys ask me the same questions every day."

Baker said Monday that Hendry "doesn't tell me who to play." On Saturday, Hendry told reporters that "if Cedeno and Murton are playing, that's a positive, and I think our fan base would appreciate that."

Well, Jim, we would appreciate it too. Too bad you hired a loose cannon. And not in the good "Lethal Weapon" sort of way, either. Man, that's a sweet movie.

So, good luck Matt, you should get a solid 4-5 AB's a week. We've got to win those games. But what about Cedeno? Surely he can get some PT? Dusty?

Cedeno sat again as Perez started, and his only start during the Dodgers series will be Tuesday against right-hander Brad Penny. Cedeno is hitting .324 against right-handers and .214 against left-handers.

"I just can't take the ball and glove out of Neifi's hands," Baker argued. "It's not fair to just sit him down for what he's done for us. So I've got to find a way, at least for a while, for both of them to play."

Right. Good point, Dusty. That extra win we might get if Neifi somehow manages to outplay Cedeno will make all the difference. But remember, Dusty is always willing to play the kids. You just have to give him some kids to play.

This all reminds me of when I was trying to get a job. You can't get hired without three years of experience, but you can't get the experience without getting hired. The solution? Get traded to the Braves.

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