Wednesday, August 10, 2005



Alright, I'm heading out tomorrow.

I've got tickets to the Cubs/St. Louis game tomorrow and then I hit the road. Where am I going?

It is going to be the first anniversary of my marriage to my wife (what a fortunate coincidence that I married my wife) and so we are going to road trip it out east. There will be a stop in the Niagra Falls, another in Cooperstown, then NYC, and Philly.

Upon my return, I will be reporting on my experience at the Baseball Hall of Fame (a place which I've never visited) and all that good stuff.

Any suggestions before I go (polite suggestions, I mean)? Things to not miss in Cooperstown? Or Niagra Falls?

Just to be clear, the blogging will continue while I'm on vacation. So, if you're a regular reader, be sure to continue, um, regularly reading.

Also, tonight the playoffs continue, as the fearless d0nuts take on the evil, evil Boomers. This is the most important game of the season. The playoffs follow some ungodly double-elimination format and so I guess it will be much harder to win the championship if we lose today. We beat the Boomers last week, but they are very good so we will have to play another perfect game.

And, as always, a Fermiball entry will be soon to follow.

That's all from here. Cubs go for the swept today at 1:20. Will anyone be watching?

go cubs...i suppose.

when you go to Cooperstown, be sure to look for the line of posters from Ballpark Blueprints. and don't forget the hotdogs from Gray's Papaya in NYC.

go d0nuts!
Jason, the baseball hall of fame is not all that big so go slow, read everything and just soak it in. It is as close as any of us are going to get to being in church!
Oh more thing. They have a big ass display all about the 69 Mets. You will want to skip that part!
Niagara Falls is pretty fun, but I don't know if there are any unknown locations there, you know? Maybe hit the Casinos...

Oh yeah, Niagara On the Lake, a nearby town of the Canadian Niagara Falls, has an inn that still flies the British flag. There's allegedly a ghost there that HATES Americans, so if you go there and talk smack about the Brits, according to legend, you'll get your ass kicked by thin air.

I assume you're taking 90 to Cooperstown... I don't know much about upstate NY if that's the case. Just have fun!
Hey, we just came from the Catskills via Niagara. How cool. Like passing a baton or something.

Woodstock's about 20 minutes off I87 and isn't as touristy as you'd expect. It's in a very pretty area of Catskill Park and makes for a nice drive if you're up for a detour.
Gefeliciteerd. (You don't know me but)
I hope you have a nice time with your wife. Congratulations (is this good written?
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Thanks for all the suggestions!

laura - are the ballpark blueprints really in cooperstown?

Kurt - if the British ghost can't kick someone's ass, does it call on an American ghost to bail it out?

*ba dum bum*

Scott - will do and see you soon.

Ebspy - Woodstock, eh? Are there still dirty hippies?

and Knoetje - Thanks for the well wishes and your english is fine.

So long all.

P.S. Victory was ours!
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