Monday, September 26, 2005


Cubs are out of it

This is news?

No, not really, but I just wanted to mention that the Cubs are really, for real out of it. And I have the math to prove it.

This was a sad, sad season. For whatever reason, my hopes were relatively high going into this season. I knew we had a major hole is left field, but that seemed like the only place the Cubs were particularity deficient. Who knew Corey would be that bad. And actually, Hollandsworth and Dubois were both a bit worse than I expected. Seriously, the Cubs' outfield was just awful...really, really ridiculously awfully bad.

But a few words in Hendry's defense:
There's more, but the point is that this season just didn't go well. And the fall from grace was all aided by some horrible managing by Johnny B. Baker. When all these things are combined together you get a team that had no chance by July.

Starting in the offseason, this blog will become "Wait 'til next year" central and I will be taking a look at what the Cubs have, what holes they have to fill, and who might fill them. As always, hope springs eternal.

I'm of the opinion that Dusty messes with the lineup too much. Sure guys need to play but the team also needs to have an identity. I can still recite the lineup from the '84 team! I'm wondering how muchy Houston screwed around with their lineup when they totally sucked early in the they might make the playoffs!

Sorry, I should have stated that this was the non-Dusty division. The entry on the Deficiencies of Dusty would go on a lot longer. You are completely, right, however. Dusty is completely clueless when it comes to lineup construction.
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