Thursday, September 22, 2005


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Maddux goes for it

So today is the first game of three in which Maddux will try to extend his streak of 15 win seasons to an even more record'y 18. If he wins tonight, he still has a shot. If not, it is going to be pretty challenging to fit in another start for him without jeopardizing the space-time continuum. So everyone root for Maddux tonight because, while the streak is not terribly meaningful, it is terribly nifty.

Colts and Bears

The mighty offense versus the mighty, in theory, anyway.

I made a snide comment to my brother (also a Colts fan) that I was going to be taking a nap last week after my 20 mile run and that the Bears' offense was especially conducive to napping (3 and outs get old after awhile). But the Bears robbed me of my needed rest as they put on a Coltian display of offensive power while at the same time maintaining a brilliant defense. Who can sleep when in the presence of greatness.

On the flip side, I had gamecast going to follow the Colts and Peyton Manning who looked like the Bears during the worst of the Jonathan Quinn era (mighty defense included). Are the Colts suddenly a defense-minded team? Are the Bears the perfect team?
Human sacrifice...dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!
I'm pretty sure time will sort this out, though. Manning is unlikely to continue his slump for much longer. On the Bears' end, however, if the defense continues to give them an average starting position on the 41, the Bears' offense may continue to be above average. And an above average offense to go along with the Bears' killer defense would pretty much guarantee a playoff birth. Which would be sweet. Having the Colts and Bears both make the playoffs would be the best possible situation for this Indianapolis fan living in Chicago.

17 days until the Marathon


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