Sunday, September 11, 2005


Writing and Running

Or maybe that should be, "Running and not writing."

I am very aware that I haven't been writing anything in the past couple of weeks. The problem is, I haven't had any thoughts in my head. Usually I can just sit down and write something. Maybe about the current events or maybe about something stupid happening in my life. Or maybe about the Cubs. But, unless I'm missing something, the Cubs suck and the current events all revolve around this really big hurricane, and there is nothing fun to write about either disaster.

That just leaves my life. Which is fine, don't get me wrong. But right now it is all marathon all the time. If I'm not running I'm reading about running. Or I'm exhausted. Actually, I'm pretty often completely exhausted, and this makes it really hard to write.

But there is only one more week of hard training until the taper. Oh baby, come on taper!

Maybe then I'll have a thought or two in my head and a couple of them will make it onto the web. Until then, if you are interested, feel free to follow my running progress on my training blog.

If you want something awesome to read, take a look at He has been on the ball recently. His current entry Salad Days is really great.

Oh, and Go Colts!!

(and Bears)

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