Monday, October 10, 2005


The aftermath

This is not the race report. I do have plans to work up a full race report in the next week, but I want to wait until I have a few pictures to throw in there and I plan to write it up right. After all, it took me 10 months of training to run this thing, so I think I can take a few days to sum it up.

First off, the number:


Not too bad. Just under 10 minute miles which is exactly what we trained for. The most important number, of course, is 26.2. 26.2 miles is long no matter how fast you run it.

My next goal is a sub-4 marathon and the long term goal is to qualify for Boston.

Did I like it? Let's just say this: The day after running 26.2 miles the Wife and I hobbled down to the local Borders and bought a new book, Advanced Marathoning.

Comments: two were definitely ready...I cannot wait to cheer you on at the next one.
Hey Lisa-
Does the Red Line run to South Dakota? IF so...I'm THERE.

Uncle Capt. Scott
Congrats! Hey, I actually know of another blogger who runs marathons ALL the f'n time... here's a link to his site.
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