Friday, October 28, 2005


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Halloween! Wee!

What makes Halloween so great? The answer, of course, is candy. Candy candy candy candy. The Wife and I are fairly obsessed with candy and Halloween is a holiday build around sugary goodness. During some of our cross country trips (which are always preceded by a trip to Mr. Bulky), we have had long discussions regarding the various pros/cons of our favorite candys. We even considered starting a candy debate seriously. It's sad. We are sad, sad people.

But anyway, back to the candy. The best candy always falls under the genre of gummy/sour (the exception being Lemonheads). You've got your Sour Patch Kids, Lifesaver Sour Gummies, and Jolly Rancher Screaming Sours (although you've got to be very careful with the Jolly Rancher selection as they can be crap). Halloween represents a departure from the usual gummy fare but that is easily made up for by the inclusion of candy corn (history of candy corn), assorted mellows, and miniaturized candy bars.

Halloween was always great when we lived in Bloomington amongst the students because there were almost no kids. Kids are really annoying because we buy all this candy and then they try and take it from us (!). It's really irritating to have to turn off all your lights and hide so that you can eat your candy in peace.

Do I have a point with all this? No, not really. I just had Halloween on my mind as the big lab party is tonight and so I started writing about it. Upon reflection, I probably shouldn't have rambled on this long about candy. I mean, really, it's not fair that you had to read this. Odds are good you probably thought I was going to have a point and then now you get to the end and there's no payoff.

Okay here, let me throw you a bone since you made it all the way through this stupid candy entry. Here's a link to an awesome site discussing the evil of Halloween and, if you scroll down, you will find a couple e-mails discussing how to witness on this most evil of all holidays. And, of course, ranting against Halloween wouldn't be complete without a visit to our favorite evangelist site, Remember kids: dress like a witch, burn in hell!

Marathon Running: The Original Marathoner (my costume is described here)

I can really, really relate to the whole Halloween candy thing. Being a forty-ish female, chocolate tends to be far more important than any other kind of candy, BUT, there is something to be said for a 5 lb. bag of smarties. Why a 5 lb. bag of smarties? Well, first of all, it takes the place of the 4 or 5 bags of Butterfinger Crisps, Resse's, and Three Musketeers that I buy for Halloween a few weeks in advance. Buying Halloween candy in advance is a BAD IDEA. I have less than 1 bag left, but am filled with chocolatey goodness!
The smarties themselves (while not clinically proven to make you smarter, will at least make you feel smarter) come about 4000 individually wrapped packages per 5 lb. bag. Having 4000 trick-or-treaters at my house is statistically improbale, thus leaving most of the smarties for me!

I too, have no real point to make, other than I just love Halloween.
The Eighties...hmmm

No costume would be complete without Big Hair. Fluffed up to astronomical proportions and held in place with several cans of hair spray.
Well, the side ponytail was a popular alternative for the kids without tease-able hair.
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