Monday, October 17, 2005


Sox Nation?

I don't think so.

If you listen to the radio around Chicago, you would think that this is a Sox town. Every station is proclaiming the greatness that is the White Sox. One morning radio duo even referred to the celebrating fans as "White Sox Nation."

Oh, come on.

You don't get to be a "Nation" when you have 14,000 empty seats in September. If your fans can't be bothered to come to the park until there is a chance for a World Series, then you don't deserve the label "White Sox Nation."

Let me just say that I envy the Cub fans that don't have to live in Chicago and see the words "White Sox" on every overpass and every building south of downtown. Where were these signs during the season, when the Sox were the best team in baseball?

Yes, the White Sox are a good team. However, there is no reason to pretend that Chicago loves the Sox.

We don't.

I totally agree but after taking down one of the best AL teams that took down the AL EAST champs the Yankees the def. deserve alot of credit, but the Sox nation no deff not !
I love Cubs fans like you. Sit in the cold and hate all you want. The White Sox are going to the Series, and our chances of bringing home a championship are great. You think anyone here cares about empty seats or any of that other rubbish? Kick the White Sox fans while they're down, sure. This city is behind the White Sox. Have you seen the papers or the TV coverage? Have you checked CNN? We're doing ok for a team that plays second fiddle to the Loveable Losers.

Is it that hard for you Cubbies to believe? This whole discussion is nonsense. Sox Nation. Who cares. All we care about is a Sox Pennant, and a Sox Championship. Winning is the name of the game. If the championship was decided by number of seats sold, sure we'd never make it. But it's not. Pay some respect to the SouthSiders. They have made Chicago proud. This could be the last time you see a series in Chi-Town. Think about it. Get on board already.
As a Cub fan who grew up on the southside, i congratulate the Sox. But i find it hard to believe that in all their joy Sox fans find time to take stabs at Cub fans. You should enjoy your victory and get on with it. Win or lose this will alway be a Cubs Town.
I am personally rather indifferent to the Sox. I mostly just get annoyed by the majority of their fans who are more interested in the fact that the Cubs *aren't* in the series than that their team *is* in the series. When the Cubs were in the playoffs, you didn't see signs celebrating the fact that the Sox weren't.

So I take exception to the city deciding to get behind the Sox at this late juncture. I find it pretty lame.
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I don't get the rivalry between Cubs fans and Sox fans. They are in different leagues! You could root for both teams and proably never have to see them play in the World Series against each other. Anyway, I refrenced your site in my blog today about this issue.
Sure, I could, but that's difficult since I don't like the Sox.

I really don't like the majority of Sox fans that are happier that the Cubs did not make the World Series then that their team won the World Series.

I'll check out your blog, though. Hopefully you said many lovely things about me and/or my brilliance.
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