Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Why CNN rules

Where do more Americans turn to than any other network for anti-Canadian fervor?

Alright, anti-Canadian may be a bit extreme, but this was a rather hilarious bit of reporting on the part of CNN.

Note: I apparently have been assimilated into the blogging community. Below you will find me criticizing the media for bad reporting while doing no actual research or reporting of my own. This is a classic blogging technique and I'm thrilled to finally sink to this level.
First off, the headline:

Canada 'among worst polluters'

Yeah, Canada totally sucks. I mean, they are 28 out of 30 ranked countries when it comes to emissions, water consumption, and some other nasty stuff.

God, what is Canada's problem? 28 out of 30? That's just pathetic.

But just out of curiosity, which coutry is 30 out of 30? Oh, right, the US.

I love that an American news organization goes with the headline "Canada amoung worst polluters" rather than "United States worst polluter." It is just this sort of unjustified jab at Canada that helps keep those moose-lovers in their place.

But wait, I've got more!

NFL earns lowest grade, WNBA receives highest in study

What is the study? It is a study on opportunities for women and minorities in sports.


This, clearly, is an important study into the culture of sports. I mean, I'll never understand why the NFL isn't as open to employing women as the Women's National Basketball League. If the WNBA is willing to open their doors to women, maybe it is time for the NFL to follow suit.

This, of course, is the best ratings the WNBA has earning in its long, proud history.

Note: When I started this post, I really thought I would be able to do more more with these stories. I think I just followed to second rule of blogging: saying "this is really funny" is just as good as actually being funny and with half the work!

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