Monday, November 28, 2005


Everything else first

The Cubs seem to be well on their way to filling all the *other* holes (for more info, try searching the internet for "filling other holes"). What are these "other" holes that I speak of? Is it legal to suround the same word with both asterices and quotes in the same paragraph? The answer to all these question and more, after this:

What has been going on while I haven't been writing? Well, I haven't been running and, unlike some, I haven't being involved in squirrel-hijinx. Nope, I was basically just spending my time doing nothing.

Okay, back to the Cubs. The Cubs have many, many holes going into 2006. At the end of 2005, they sucked at the following positions: Outfield, shortstop, bullpen, and bench. Before the winter comes to a close, these position issues must be resolved or the season will be over before it starts.

What have they done so far? Well, the first thing Hendry did was address the bullpen by inking two solid relievers. Basically, they landed the best lefty and best righty available, non-closer-pixie-dust division. The other first thing he did was solidify the bench. Neifi was signed for lots of money because he can catch the ball, and Jon Mabry is rumored to be coming to the Northside as well, and he is a solid bat off the bench. Assuming that the Cubs acquire a real shortstop and Neifi is simply a backup, these are two solid bench players. And best of all, nobody could ever accuse Mabry of being a starter. He was never Rookie of the Year and he was never anointed the future of anything, so Mabry shouldn't threaten Murton's job. No, the biggest threat to Murton's job is still Dusty.

So now we can happily say that there is nothing left to do but everything else.

(and no, in is not strickly legal to use both asterices and quotes for the same word. Italices would be more appropriate).

>>try searching the internet for "filling other holes"

Btw, that was my "oh my" emoticon, not my "inflatable woman" emoticon.
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