Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Patriot Act starting to work

Some of the more reclusive terrorist "formations" are beginning to "crack". You might say the US foriegn policy is "crystalizing" in this post-9/11 word.


Frozen Water!

...anyway, this is the latest from CNN:

Iceberg 'sings under pressure'

And in creepier news...

Iowa scientist seeks funds for body farm

Iowa's rich topsoil and climate have nourished some of the United States' most plentiful corn and soybean crops. Tyler O'Brien wants to learn more about their influence on rotting corpses.

(I wonder what Kansas has to say about this)

So, what's property value is like in the area surounding a couple acres of decaying corpses? Better or worse than living next to a rendering factory? I have so many questions that I don't even know where to begin.

Is there a section set aside for Cabbage Patch Kids?

Isn't this the equivalent of volunteering to live on an ancient Indian burial ground?

Did the idea for this come about after eating 3 bags of Sour Patch Kids while watching The Matrix?

What's career day like for the kids of one of these body farmers? I'm pretty sure it's either the best day ever or the most humiliating. Probably depends on their age. More importantly, what's "show and tell" like?

And, because it's jsut too easy:


Did you catch that, if built, it would be the second body farm in the US? I wonder if the one in Tennessee makes the list of attractions, like the worlds biggest ball of twine and such.
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