Thursday, January 12, 2006


Best. Weekend. Ever. least on paper, anyway.

The kids over at GROTA and I will be heading over to the Cubs' Convention this weekend to shake down Dusty for some answers to all of our questions. This will be my first Cubs Con and I'm looking forward to getting Doug Dascenzo to sign one of my 26 1988 Topps Doug Dascenzo cards. Or maybe The Hawk will give me an autograph on my Donruss Diamond Kings card. The possibilities are nearly endless (disclaimer: possibilities are actually entirely finite).

But that's not all! On Sunday, my Colts will play the Steelers at noon and then my adopted team, the Bears, will take on the Panthers. Unless something bad happens, I should be both elated and loaded by the end of the weekend.

Karmicly speaking, I'm going to watch carefully for buses when crossing the street and keep an eye out for open manholes whilst walking (get your mind out of the gutter) as this weekend should be too good to be true.

Head on over to GROTA, if you haven't already, and check out the questions we plan on asking Dusty and track the events of the weekend.

I should be elated and bloated-you, prior to the weekend.

Sorry buddy...I'm really really sorry
Thanks. I'm almost posted to point out how I jinxed both my teams at once (although I never actually said they would win, so it may not have been my fault).

At least the Cubs Convention was fun.
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