Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Writers still don't get it

I think it goes without saying that I am smarter than all the Baseball Writers of America. After all, most of them probably don't even have a blog. And I do...have a blog.

So, that being said, they were wrong yesterday and I am, and will continue to be, right.

I agree that Sutter should have made the Hall but he is at the bottom of the list of player that I think should have made it. That list includes, in order:

Bert Blyleven
Alan Trammel
Andre Dawson
Goose Gossage
Bruce Sutter

Question: How does Bruce Sutter make it and Gossage miss? It boggles the mind. I'm boggled.

Question: How does Sutter make it into the Hall but a player with an almost identical career (Doug Jones) drop off in the first year? I'm not suprised, but it is wrong.

Question: How does Will the Thrill drop off in the first year? He had as good a career as Jim Rice and Rice garnered over 60% of the vote. How quickly we forget what a great player he was before he settled into simply being a very good one (and how quickly we undervalue OBP and defense).

So fine, Sutter's in the Hall. I have no problem with that. I just wish that a few others had also made it.

(Note: in my previous entry, I forgot to discuss Jim Rice, Dave Concepcion, and Tommy John. This isn't because I consider them Hall of Famers, but rather because the list was long and my brain addled. Too bad, too, as they are three interesting candidates)

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