Wednesday, March 15, 2006


March Madness is upon us

And it's craaaaaaaaazy!

I really do love March Madness. It's just so...mad. I currently have 3 different brackets entered in three different tournaments and an equal chance of winning with each (zero). Since leaving undergrad, my college basketball knowledge has wilted like LaTroy in a save situation (zing!) and now I am basically one step above the "which mascot is scarier" level of analysis. But, I know where to do my research and so I can make lots of fairly educated guesses (that are all wrong) and this, at least, elevates me above the beasts.

Last year, in a fit of March, um, madness, I kept a running log of my reaction to the games in real time. I was basically the Jack Bauer of the NCAA tourney and the response was about what you would expect.


I probably will spare the world my running commentary this year unless something really exciting happens, like Indiana escaping the first round. Actually, that won't happen, as I'll be watching the Indiana game at Bernies. If anyone else is heading that way, I'll be wearing an IU tube top and a pair of lederhosen (and, of course, a red carnation. But everyone at Bernies wears a red carnation, so that's not much help). Of course, I already know what you look like as I follow you home from work every night and watch you through your living room window. The way your eyes light up when Everybody Love Raymond comes on warms my insides.

So, Cub fans, enjoy March Madness as much as you can because come April time things are going to go rapidly downhill.

I too get crazy for march madness. I have the unlikley palindromic final game of IU -UI !!!!

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