Thursday, March 23, 2006



I was using a urinal at a bar last night and something caught my eye.

Wait, that sounds bad. Let me start over...

I was using the urinal at a bar last night while observing proper urinal etiquette and looking straight ahead and I noticed a sign that was also directly in front of me in my cone of urinal vision. Apparently Bernie's, the bar The Wife and I generally frequent, was having some sort of "design your own T-Shirt" contest with the theme being Miller Lite. I've got some ideas that I think could be winning ones, but I wanted to test them out and see how they look in print. So, bear (bare?) with me during this little exercise.

Miller Lite T-Shirt Design Contest

Concept #1:

Miller Lite,
it only looks like

Concept #2:

Miller Lite,
it's like Bud Light,
only Miller-er

Concept #3

Miller Lite, that's a fine

Concept #4
Miller Lite,
It's like American culture
in a beer

For this last one, I'm picturing an airbrushed background of an Eagle with an American Flag in its mouth clutching a bottle of Miller Lite. And maybe it could be pooing on Osama or something. The hard part of this is settling on which of these is the most likely winner. I guess my opinion on this would be, with Miller Lite we're all winners.

In other news, we've been getting up earlier recently (I'm not using the "royal we" here, but I also don't mean "me and you" unless you also got up early and then I am talking about you). We were out the door today by 5:00 as The Wife is starting her training to run the detector here at work. For the next 4 months, she (and then later I) will be working these shifts for 7 days straight every three weeks (one week on, two weeks off). They vary from 8am-4pm shift, 4pm-midnight, and midnight-8am. Basically, they represent a big sucking vortex of boredom but are pretty necessary as, without grad student labor, the detector would grind to a halt.

In other news, if you missed this photoshop by Death over at Goat Riders, then you missed out. Don't bother to click on the link (reverse psychology) as it is too late.




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