Wednesday, March 29, 2006


More fun with IMDB Message Boards

Star Trek, the original series, Message Board

Subject: You Know what sucks about the present?

You remember "Space Seed", where they mentioned the Eugenics Wars that supposedly happened in the 1990s? They also mentioned that Khan and his followers were put on one of their best starships, the U.S.S. Botany Bay. Well, the 90s have been over for a while, and I haven't seen any advanced starships with phaser weapons, artificial gravity, or ultra-powerful computer systems that operate on verbal commands, nor have I seen any genetically engineered superhumans. It's 2006 and we haven't come anywhere close to attaining warp drive? Know why? Because dumbass Republicans are spending the government's money on nuking the s**t out of every country that disagrees with our policies. We were going to advance our space program, and then a certain dips**t named Nixon decided to draft all working-class young men in their late teens and early twenties to serve in a war they didn't want to fight. Now most of those vets got their arms/legs blown off, plus they're homeless because the government left them to starve to death in the streets. You Republicans think the vets are ungrateful because they weren't proud to serve their country, but this war didn't need to be fought. It was unnecessary. I think we need better legislation in our government. What about you guys?

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Query: Which serries if they ever met would win in a war?
star treks ray guns and crap like that vs the blaster cannons

Let's see...

Star Trek happens several centuries in the future from now in our galaxy.
Star Wars happens a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

In the Voyager series the Voyager gets lost in the delta quadrant, which is a part of our own galaxy and even with warpdrive they have to travel for almost a century to get back unless some handy wormhole happens to be on their way.
Now imagine what it takes to get from here to several galaxies away....
It would take centuries to get there!
It will take twice as long (getting there AND back plus extensive time travel) to get to know the results of a possible fight.

Yeah, what a dipshit.

...but if they found a wormhole, like in that one episode where they are playing cards and get stuck in a time warp and encounter the enterprise from the past, it could happen! And then there's that one where they encounter Shooter McGavin as a starship captain from the past, I think he got sucked into a wormhole. It could happen!

I mean, um...nevermind.

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