Monday, March 13, 2006


Noah's Ark found by satellite

...massive "I told you so" echoes throughout Christian community.

There's science, there's good science, and then there's the best science ever. If you head over to the front page of, we find that we are closing in on Noah's Ark. The Noah's Ark of two-by-two fame.

Images taken by aircraft, intelligence-gathering satellites and commercial remote-sensing spacecraft are fueling an intensive study of the intriguing oddity. But whether the anomaly is some geological quirk of nature, playful shadows, a human-made structure of some sort, or simply nothing at all that remains to be seen.

Sure, it could be a coincidental set of shadows from a satellite image. That's what the Doubty McQuestion-a-lot conspiracy theorists would try to tell you. I mean it could be anything. In an attempt to solve this mystery, let's break it down.
So, we have the following options at hand to explain this satellite image:

1) A natural rock formation casting interest shadows

2) A 5000 year old boat that once held two of every species of animal on Earth and weathered 40 days and 40 nights of rain which was sent down by God to kill all the people, except for Noah, who stayed dry and lived on to re-populate the earth. There's also a bird and a olive branch and a rainbow, but I don't want to get political here.

Now, I'm not going to get all judgey and try to convince you one way or the other, but let me say this. There is absolutely no proof that this is just a natural, somewhat boat-shaped rock formation. So, until someone can definitively prove that this is not a 500 year old boat, I'm going with the boat story.

With the all the new technology at our disposal, we seem to be finding more and more amazing, unexplainable things every day. This is just the latest in a long line of unexplainable phenomenon.

So now we've got the Boat on Earth

The Face on Mars:

And the Man on the Moon

P.S. - The Wife's back from D.C.

I presume you know that your 'face on mars' is an artist creation. The real 'face on mars' has much less resolution in the early 'convincing' photos, and has now been seen without the shadows as a not-convincing natural formation. Or, if you're just trying to pull my leg, I give up!
The face on Mars is probably doctored. The Man on the Moon, however, is legitimate.
The man on the moon cracked me up.

Don't forget about bigfoot.
my favorite is the Ted Kennedy face on Mars
You know, that's not how I pictured "The Ark" in my head. That looks more like a Carnival Cruise Ship. I wonder if there were ice sculptures?
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