Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Or, as I like to call it, a Saturday night

College student lives in Wal-Mart for 41 hours

When I first read this, I saw the caption for the picture - "Skyler Bartels spent almost two days wandering the aisles of a Des Moines, Iowa Wal-Mart." - and assumed he just had nothing better to do. After all, he was in Des Moines. Until you get into the drug scene, at 1 am it's pretty much cruising Wal-Mart or drinking coffee at the IHOP.

As it turns out, he's just an "aspiring writer" at Drake who thought it would be a nifty stunt to write about. I'm an aspiring writer, too, but the only test of endurance I'm willing to take on is the Rachel Ray 30 Minute Meals marathon on the Food Network (other than the actual marathon, of course).

My hat is off to you, sir. In other news...

World prepares for total solar eclipse

I'm still waiting for a total eclipse of the heart.

Naked sculpture of 'idealized' Britney going on view

Hmm...I wonder what the words "Naked Britney Spears" will do to my hit demographics? ...if only this was 4 years ago. From the article:
A life-size sculpture of a naked Britney Spears kneeling on a bearskin rug as she gives birth will be on display next month at Brooklyn's Capla Kesting Fine Art gallery.
Now that's just excellent. Or rather, it would be, if it were being used in the proper context. Naked Britney Spears giving birth on a rug belongs in someone's living room, maybe over by the mantel or in the corner of the room, accented by a nice fern or rubber plant. This sculpture, however, is being used in a pro-life exhibit.

Edwards, whose sculpture of Ted Williams' decapitated head -- which was frozen in the hope that medical science could one day revive the baseball great -- stirred up an artistic storm, said the sculpture of Spears was a "new take on pro-life."

"Pro-lifers normally promote bloody images of abortion. This is the image of birth," he said.

Well, not to quibble, but birth is often a fairly bloody mess as well. Not to mention all the other repulsive things that come along with the "miracle" of birth. Don't get me started on that...placenta. Guh.

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