Tuesday, March 28, 2006


There are no words

IMDB Full House Message Board.

Post Title: problem with dj in season 2

who else besides me thinks that DJ was a total bitch in season 2 with stephanie first in kimmy's surprise birthday party episode where she says that stephanie or anyone else can't be at the party well that's not fair cause it's stephanie's house too and she has a right to be anywhere she wants in the house same problem with dj's 13th birthday party than in the valentine's day episode she really tore her head off when steph was wearing dj's new sweater calling her a nerd bomber or something like that she was pretty harsh on her she was one bad sister than she was just a little kid get a grip.Older sisters are such a pain in the ass and i speak from experience i have two sisters myself who were kind of similar with me growing up.

Please do not ask how I can across this. But please do read the 11 point response to this question.

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