Monday, April 03, 2006


All freaked out

Okay, so, I'm running Linux on my laptop. I would sort of prefer to be running windows, but that isn't really an option right now. The problem is with Game Day Audio. I need gameday audio or I am going to miss opening day!!

So, when I click on gameday audio, it just opens up a flashplayer window trying to run windows media player. The problem is, I don't have windows media player. I have realplayer. I've tried to get mplayer, but it keeps asking for all these libraries, which I am trying to install, but they don't seem to be installing.

Realplayer should work with gameday audio, or so they say. But I can't get to any window that gives me the option of selecting Realplayer.

If anyone out there reading this message knows more than me about linux, either comment or send an e-mail. It would be greatly appreciated.

Update: I know you all were flying about the internet-o-sphere trying to solve my problem, so I wanted to relieve your angst. I solved the problem by buying the crappiest radio ever for 6 bucks. It was very appropriately priced.

Jason...I think you need a driver

or maybe a three-wood!

Hi - I've had gameday audio working with linux (Fermi Redhat, using netscape) for the past couple years. As I dimly recall, getting the realplayer plugin to work just amounts to putting the shared lib in the plugin dir. It's "" or something, right?
I'm not on that machine so I can't be more specific right now.

Ugh, and why would you want windows anywhere? At least use a scientist-friendly Mac
Well, sure, I'd use a Mac if I could afford a new computer. As far as using Windows, seeing as how I was planning on only using my laptop for listening to baseball (I have no need for it otherwise) Windows would be pretty useful.

I feel like the plugin works, it's more that doesn't offer anything other than .wma format, at least in an obvious way.
Dude, you're right. I just went to set up the stupid thing tonight, and they've stopped supporting realplayer for this year! I mean, what the deuce... In fact, I have a Mac, and I used the Windows Media hack all last year for video, but it's nice to just listen to the radio broadcast on Linux at work sometimes.

And now that I've started a rant: How annoying is it that they automatically charge you for the same subscriptions as last season... I can see how it's desirable on a monthly basis within a season, but to start charging your credit card again 6 months later without so much as an emailed warning? This strikes me as kind of shady. Let's help Google pick that up: " is shady."

Anyway, pick up a crappy laptop on fnalgrad or something. Sorry about your troubles...


p.s. btw, this is Jeff from volleyball, CDF, etc. I found your site via a very convoluted path from some Red Sox blogs that I read

p.p.s. go Red Sox
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